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MS IV Elective Opportunities 


Medical students must be in good standing in their fourth year of medical training.

Acting Internship In Emergency Medicine 
The Acting Internship in Emergency Medicine at University Hospital is a four week elective. Students will function as an acting intern in the Department of Emergency Medicine under the direct supervision of the Emergency Department attending. Students will have the opportunity to perform initial patient contact and evaluation, formulate diagnostic and therapeutic plan, and then discuss the case with the attending physician. The student will be exposed to the entire gamut of adult emergency department problems, ranging from the worried well to the critically ill or injured. University Hospital is a Level I trauma center, with approximately 70,000 patient visits per year. Other activities include a lecture series designed specifically for the students, weekly conferences attended by residents and students, prehospital experience with Rural/Metro Ambulance, night and weekend shifts, introduction to the Poison Control Center (PCC), and introduction to the Pediatric Emergency Department. Reading materials are borrowed from the department. Evaluations for the course are based on daily interaction with staff and a written exam. (EMED 1302)

Contact - Directors: Drs. Matthew Sarsfield and Risa Farber-Heath (,

International Students 
The Department of Emergency Medicine is currently accepting applications from International students, whose schools have an affiliation with SUNY Upstate, wishing to do an Adult AI rotation here at SUNY Upstate Hospital. All interested applicants will need to provide the following documents with their application:
               - CV
               - Letter of Interest
               - Letters of Recommendation

               - Transcripts
               - STEP 1 Score
               - Photo
               - Immunization Record
               - Visa Documents
               - Copy of Passport

Please forward your application and all of the above listed documents to Denise Dexter at

Acting Internship In Pediatric Emergency Medicine 
The second elective available is an Acting Internship in the Pediatric Emergency Department. The student will function as an acting intern within the Pediatric Emergency Department working under the direct supervision of the Pediatric Attending.  The Pediatric Emergency Department has over 27,000 visits per year, with patients arriving from not only the Syracuse area but also throughout a 15-county region. Students will attend regular lectures and conferences. Weekend and evening shifts are included. Evaluation of performance is based on daily workups, seminar, and conference presentations. (EMED 1309)

Contact - Directors: Drs. Erin Hanley and Leah Bennett (,

Emergency Medicine Research Elective 
There are two electives in Emergency Medicine available at community hospitals affiliated with SUNY HSC, including Crouse-Irving Memorial Hospital, and Upstate University Hospital at Community Campus. These can be set up through the Registrar's office.
Contact - Director: Dr. Susan Wojcik (

Clinical Toxicology Elective 
Weekly activities include morning rounds, lectures, seminars and conferences, inpatient contacts and prevention activities. The student will rotate in CNY Poison Control Center and learn about the epidemiology of accidental and intentional poisonings in children and adults. Students will be responsible for following assigned cases regarding poisoning incidents and participating in daily rounds. One to two poison related projects will also be assigned. Evaluation based on seminars, conference presentations and review of telephone skills at the PCC.

Contact - Directors: Drs. Vincent Calleo and Ross Sullivan (,


Ultrasound Elective in EM 
Students will work with EM faculty and ultrasonographers to gain better understanding of ultrasound and how it relates to the practice of Emergency Medicine. They will learn the common ultrasounds performed in the ED & the indications for obtaining them. In addition they will complete a presentation or project relating to ultrasound which will be approved by the course director. (EMED 1324)

Contact - Directors: Drs. Kevin Gaskin, Matthew Camara, and Jennalee Cizenski (,,


Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Elective
The student will rotate in the Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Center at SUNY Upstate University Hospital. Clinic hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm. The medical student will gain basic exposure to dive medicine, clinical hyperbaric medicine and problem wound management. They will be overseen by an attending physician and fellow in UHM (undersea and hyperbaric medicine). The student will participate in hyperbaric medicine consultations, wound care consultations, and ongoing wound care revisits. The student will oversee the daily hyperbaric oxygen treatments including assessment of any patient complications. The student will also have the option to take some home call for emergencies in hyperbaric medicine. Finally, the student will be expected to attend Wednesday morning teaching rounds and UHM fellowship lectures from 8am-10am. The Director of Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care will oversee the elective. (EMED 1323)

Contact - Director: Dr. Marvin Heyboer (


For Acting Internships, please contact our medical student affairs coordinator, Denise Dexter, at, or contact the above listed attendings below each elective for any further questions, information, or schedule coordination issues.

Rotations and Acting Internships can be set up through the Registrar's Office. Please contact them at 315-464-4604 and they will send you any necessary forms for completion.

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